New Patients

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our practice for your evaluation. We pride in our ability to see patients at early date and provide support to you and your family. We want to spend as much time as possible during your first visit to have you feel comfortable with our staff and also help us devise a treatment plan that is conveniently tailored to your requirements. During your first visit you will be required to provide demographic and insurance information which can be filled out ahead of time (see forms) or you can arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment.

At the time of your appointment, please make sure you bring a photo ID and a valid insurance card(s). If you have more than one insurance company, please make us aware of primary and secondary information to prevent delay of insurance payment and possibly treatment. If there are any changes to your insurance at any time please contact us immediately and we can make arrangements for the information to be changed in our system.

All patients are more than welcome to bring up to two family members for the first visit and one thereafter. Family members will be permitted to accompany the patient during any conference with the doctor. Due to privacy policies all family members will be expected to wait in the waiting room or outside of the office until treatment is finished.

Co-payments are expected at the time of your visit before you see your physician and or receive treatment. Please feel free to call and make arrangements for any financial and or billing issues with our business office. We take Cash, Check, Visa and Master Card.

At the time of your departure please make sure next appointment is on the schedule so we can be prepared for your next visit and prevent lapse in your treatment.