Current Patients

Greater Washington Oncology would like to thank you for your cooperation of office policy and we look forward to maintaining a great relationship during your time as our patient. We want to make every visit to our office as relaxing and as stress free as possible. To help us achieve these targets we would like your continued cooperation with our policies.

Arrival Time

Please arrive on time the day of your appointment to avoid delay or reschedule of treatment. We do encourage our patients to arrive early if possible, but no more than 15 minutes.

Referrals (HMO Insurance Policies)

We do need a current referral from your Primary Care Physician for your first visit. We will assist in obtaining follow-up referrals, but it is up to the patient to confirm with the office that a valid referral has been received. This is to assure no delay in visit and or treatment.


Co-payments are expected at the time of your visit before you see your physician and or receive treatment. Please feel free to call and make arrangements for any financial and or billing issues with our business office. We take Cash, Check, Visa and MasterCard.

Mailing Payments
Greater Washington Oncology Associates P.O. BOX 60930 Potomac, MD 20859.

Billing Information: 301-560-0843


Test Results

Only physicians and nurses are authorized to release results to patients/family members. No other staff member can under any circumstance release any results. Please call 24-48 hours after getting your designated test(s) completed and a physician will relay you results. If results are not available at the time of your call, a physician will return your call as soon as the results are available and instruct the next step.


Here at Greater Washington Oncology we have internet based prescription capabilities as well as usual methods. All prescriptions should be requested at the time of your visit. If a prescription is needed in between visits, please call your pharmacy and submit a request. Please note that all prescription and refill requests make take up to 72 business hours. Due to the policies of some insurance companies, some prescriptions will require prior authorization and make take additional time to obtain. All Narcotic prescriptions must be written and can be requested in the office between the hours of 9am and 4pm only.

Infusion Center Policies

We have strived to make our infusion centers as comfortable as possible for your treatment. We understand your need for privacy as well as emotional support for which our nurses and technicians will try their best to do during this trying and difficult period of your life. On the day of your chemotherapy, you are welcome to speak with your physician if you have any concerns before you go in for your treatment or after you finish. We do strongly discourage any family member to be present in the infusion center keeping in consideration other patients privacy. Some treatments require you to be here for many hours and all patients are encouraged to bring reading materials or music with headphones to avoid disturbance to other patients in the infusion center.

Family Members

Family members will be permitted to accompany the patient during any conference with the doctor. Due to privacy policies all family members will be expected to wait in the waiting room or outside of the office until treatment is finished. Please remember that every patient is entitled to have a family member accompany them to their appointment and in order to facilitate all, please only bring one person to your appointment.

Records Request

All record requests should be done at the time of your appointment and can take up to 72 business hours to complete. Please be aware that records are $.50 per page and $25.00 for any records that exceed 50 pages.